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Manuka Honey is gaining worldwide recognition for its amazing healing ability and instant results for both internal and external ailments.
When taken orally, Manuka helps with general vitality and immunity as well as soothing and nourishing more specific problematic areas in the mouth, throat and digestive tract. It is a much more welcomed alternative to modern day medicine as it tastes better, has no negative side effects and is more effective.

Most doctors and medical professionals are of the belief that the majority of health issues are caused by types of infectious micro organisms such as bacteria, virus, fungus and parasites and Manuka combats all of these microbes.

Topically, Manuka honey is used as a leading treatment for skin irritations, wounds, boils, ulcers, burns and pressure sores by providing a clean, moist, sterile environment for the wound to heal. Manuka does a lot more than just controlling the bacteria in the wound; it draws required nutrients to the effected area to aid in effective wound healing, minimizing scarring and contains anti-inflammatory properties which reduce swelling and irritation.

Manuka honey helps healing after surgery and is becoming a popular treatment for cancer sufferers as an application to wounds and ulcers resulting from radiation or fungating wounds where the cancer has broken through the skin.

Being a natural ingredient – it has found to have no negative side affects. Even the most resilient bacteria are found to be no match for Manuka honey’s unparalleled antimicrobial properties. This antimicrobial activity in Manuka Honey is being observed in many studies around the world and is proving to a successful alternative to antibiotics and modern day medicines.

People are starting to lean more towards the ideas of natural remedies and the only fault is that people are unaware of how it works or think that other honey’s will afford them the same benefit, which is not the case.

Why is it different to any other honey?

All honeys have a varying antibacterial activity, due to the different levels of hydrogen peroxide produced from an enzyme that the bees add to the nectar. But it has been discovered that Manuka honey has the highest antibacterial activity and is more suitable for medicinal use. This is due to its unique plant derived component – only found in the Manuka plant which is indigenous to the pollution free environment of New Zealand.

Through this research, scientists have discovered that Manuka Honey contains a different antibacterial component, which sets it apart from other honeys. This non peroxide activity is stable and does not loose its potency or effectiveness when exposed to dilution, heat and light which destroys the effectiveness of other honeys.

Certifying Quality

It is also very important to be aware that not all Manuka honey is medical grade. Each specific batch of Manuka has varied levels of healing properties. Our Manuka honey has been put through extensive laboratory tests to ensure the antibacterial potency.
There is a common rating system that measures the antibacterial potency on a scale from 0 – 30. This rating system is known as either the Unique Manuka Factor (UMF) or more recently as the Molan Gold Standard ™, named after the scientist and biochemist, Professor Peter Molan, who first discovered Manuka honey’s unique health properties. The Molan Gold Standard is put in place to ensure consumers are getting what they paid for.

The rating system is comparable to the percentage of the antibacterial activity of phenol. For example, Certified 15+ Manuka is equivalent to a 15% solution of phenol.
The higher the Molan Gold Standard™, the higher the Manuka Honey’s antibacterial potency. Only Manuka Honey 10+ or higher is considered to be active and suitable for therapeutic use.
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