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Magic pain relieving relaxing oil

An Ayurvedic preparation with the combination of natural stress relieving ingredients like eucalyptus, almond oil, menthol and other herbs, make this oil a unique product to be used in the problems of body pain, mental fatigue and stressed muscles.

The unique blend of 7 magical herbs and essential oils helps muscles in getting eased out, relieving pain and giving muscles much needed relief to ensure that you are back to your buoyant self in quick time.

Usage: Massage the oil on the tired and fatigued body parts till the oil is completely absorbed

Main Ingredients:
Til oil 61.45%
Nutmeg oil 2.5%
Eucalyptus oil 1.8%
Peppermint Oil 5%
Methyl Salicylate 11%
Clove oil 1.5%
Camphor oil 2%
Aswagantha 5%
Gugglu 4.5%
Satavari 5%

Reduces Muscles fatigue Reduces mental stress, softens stiff tissues, restores body alertness, tones body muscles
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