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AyurSlim is a Clinically Proven, 100% safe and natural slimming therapy, with absolutely no side-effects. AyurSlim has a favourable effect on weight reduction and lipid profiles. It is a thoroughly researched Ayurvedic herbal product that is safe and effective. Besides helping with weight loss, it also helps to improve lipid profile which helps postpone cardiovascular problems and fat deposition inside the arteries (cholesterol deposition) thus offering an additional health benefit!

Ayurslim contains a wonder formulation of herbs that burn the fat in your body and provides a sustained weight loss effect unlike most other slimming treatments.

Ayurslim reduces weight through the following actions.

It enhances the metabolic rate and hence helps in burning fats and lipids inside the body.

It inhibits the manufacture / synthesis of fatty acids in the muscles and liver and thus arrests lipogenesis.

It reduces the craving for sugar and neutralizes excess sugar in the body

It reduces cholesterol and triglyceride levels – factors concerned with the management of obesity.

Recomended Dosage : 4 capsules daily

Shipping time : 3 to 7 days

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